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Brown said McLaren’s look will have the “biggest change” from all the teams on the grid.

McLaren boss Zak brown said that McLaren look will have the “biggest change” of all teams on the Formula 1 2018 grid.

Before the 2017 season began, McLaren introduced a new livery to their car, all black and orange with white livery for last season, this was an indication that big changes were about to happen for McLaren after Ron Dennis parted ways with the team.

Brown since joining the Woking based team McLaren, he has done things differently than the previous boss at McLaren. One if the biggest changes that he did is swapping the Honda power unit for Renault, we can all agree with this one since the partnership between McLaren and Honda was not the best one.

McLaren failed to win or be on the podium, most of the reason is the not reliable power unit that Honda was providing.

“The car’s not going to look the same as last year,” Brown told

“Our whole brand, the visibility of McLaren, is going to go to the next level and it’s going to be exciting.
“We know what a lot of the other teams are going to look like, but hopefully people will see the biggest change on and off the track at McLaren going into Australia.”

When asked if the papaya orange, synonymous with McLaren, will stay, Brown said: “There will be some nod to our history but we’re not done with the livery yet because a lot of that is sponsor dependent.”

As well as the change of car livery, Brown has hinted that McLaren will be doing something bold with its garage in 2018.

He added: “We are calling it a new era, we are back and we are going to have some great things like a new garage. One of the things that McLaren hasn’t done in recent years is be a leader.

“With our garage and everything, we look like everyone else – so we need to step up and be the guys in Australia where everyone says, did you see what McLaren did?
“That is what McLaren always was. I think with our lack of competitiveness, we have kind of blended in. We need to get back to being a team that people are envious of. I feel we are on our way.”

When Brown joined the team, he said it was critically important McLaren picked up a title sponsor after the Vodafone arrangement concluded at the end of 2013.

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McLaren has yet to secure one but Brown clarified that McLaren is looking on securing a “principal partner” rather than a “title partner” to give the sponsor more exposure and protect the McLaren brand.

“We do need a title-level partner, all I’ve done is dropping the vernacular of title into principal and have looked at all of our commercial assets, which is not just the race car it’s our other forms of racing and things like our building and war rooms and things of that nature, and have looked at what’s the best way to commercialise the world of McLaren,” he said.

“Going through that exercise developed a plan that doesn’t require a ‘title partner’.
“It still requires a principal partner, just not a ‘title partner’. I know that’s semantics there but it’s really about protecting the McLaren name. That’s all I’m trying to do is ringfence that and keep us as McLaren.

“I don’t really feel there’s that much value in the sponsor’s name being part of the team but I do think it slightly diminishes the value of the name of the team when it’s being co-branded.”
Brown said the commercial future looked positive with more companies set to align themselves with McLaren this term.

“We’ve signed three partners so far that we will start to announce and hopefully a few more,” he said.

“We won’t be sold out next year [2018], it takes time, but I’m really happy with the on-track direction of the team, our driver line-up and our off-track, our commercial, our marketing engagement with the fans.
“It’s a great company with a great brand that has been under-leveraged in recent times.”

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