Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that the team is taking McLaren-Renault very seriously heading into the 2018 season. McLaren will run with Renault engines this year, after terminating a disastrous three-year campaign with Honda towards the end of 2017. Mercedes, who have won every drivers' and constructors' title since 2014, is wary

McLaren fires up new Renault engine for the first time

The relatively late call to switch power unit supplier lost McLaren roughly two weeks of development time last year, but technical director Tim Goss said his team was able to quickly gain it back. "I think the big difference is speaking with all the guys at Renault they've inherently got a

“We dont want a title sponsor” Brown

After announcing the huge deal with Dell Technology, Zak Brown said that the team Mclaren are not looking for a title sponsor but will bring more partners on board for 2018. “We don’t want a title sponsor, but let me clarify what that means. We do want a principal partner, which

A new lid for Fernando Alonso

After announcing the new partnership with Renault it seems that there is a new dawn at McLaren. Especially for Fernando Alonso who will have a new helmet for the 2018 season. McLaren driver and two time world champion Fernando Alonso teased a few close-up shots of his new helmet for 2018. Slowly

Ferrari dyno test confirms their reliability targets!

Ferrari has received a double boost on the Formula 1 engine front for 2018, with confirmation on the dyno that it has hit reliability targets, plus encouraging results from work on a new cylinder head concept. With F1 drivers limited to just three engines for the entire 2018 season, there has

Haas F1 reveal pictures of 2018 car

HAAS have become the first F1 team to reveal their new car for the 2018 season in a surprise online launch. The car is the first to incorporate the controversial "Halo" driver protection system, which has a piece of bodywork shaped over the cockpit to provide extra protection and avoid accidents

McLaren partnership with Reno much better prepared than Honda

McLaren’s chief engineering officer Matt Morris says his Formula 1 squad is better prepared with Renault than at any point of its Honda partnership despite previously being two weeks behind schedule due to its late engine deal. The McLaren engineering boss has admitted it was a tense wait during the end

Alonso has “total” confidence that he will win in 2018

Fernando Alonso has said that he has "total" confidence that he will win in 2018. After three bad years with Honda power, McLaren are now switching to customer Renault engines. Spaniard Alonso won his titles with works Renault power over a decade ago, and so he said that the French marque will

Stroll “Baku podium was a very proud moment”

Lance Stroll in his first season in F1 made history after managing to get his Williams on the podium at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Lance Stroll finished P3 and was the youngest driver in F1 to step on the podium at 18 years and 239 days. He also made history when