Lowe: “Stroll drove a great race”

The rookie driver of Williams Racing  Lance Stroll, came under scrutiny at the beginning of his first Formula 1 season this year. He struggled to score a point in his first six races, also the youngster was involved in many incidents. However Lance Stroll made the breakthrough at his home soil

McLaren: Late Renault switch hasn’t compromised 2018

Following months of speculation, it was confirmed at last weekend's Singapore Grand Prix that McLaren had divorced Honda for 2018 and that the team would instead use Renault power for next season for the first time. This triggered a number of deals, with Toro Rosso announcing a three year partnership with

Alonso expects “normality” with Renault engines

McLaren driver Fernando Alonso believes that racing for him and McLaren from 2018 it will return back to "normality" as McLaren will be supplied from Renault with power units from 2018. It has been clear that the Spaniard Alonso has not been happy with Honda at all during this season, many

Sebastian Vettel pays tribute to Michael Schumacher

Vettel yesterday paid tribute to the seven-time World Champion, 48, who fell into a coma following a tragic ski accident in 2013. He said the racing legend passed on crucial advice in the early stages of his career, and Schumacher still remains his role model. "Michael Schumacher was my idol when I

Boullier praises Vandoorne after P7 finish in Singapore GP

Mclaren racing director happy with Stoffel Vandoorne after solid P7 finish in Singapore GP. The Woking team not happy at all after Fernando Alonso collision with Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen at the start of the race in Singapore GP. “It’s a better weekend, but the result is a little bit leaving

Stoffel Vandoorne encouraged by Singapore performance.

McLaren Honda driver Stoffel Vandoorne claimed a career best seventh at the Singapore Grand Prix. Stoffel Vandoonre managed to keep a cool head and avoid trouble on a wet circuit at Singapore in the end he finished the race in 7th place. "To race under the rain at the beginning was definitely

Honda boss: McLaren struggle to adapt to change

Masahi Yamamoto Honda’s motorsport boss believes that McLaren is a “systematic” team and that is why they struggled to adapt to change, Honda motorsport boss hopes that their new team from 2018 Toro Rosso will be more open to ideas. The Woking based outfit McLaren reunited with the Japanese manufacture Honda

Arrivabene message to Ferrari fans: We will be back

Ferrari boss - Maurizio Arrivabene says the battle its not over yet after disaster race weekend for Ferrari at the Singapore GP. With Vettel lost his Championship lead in Monza, everyone expected Vettel to come back in Singapore stronger and win the race to take back the Championship lead again. Vettel started

FIA “no further action for Verstappe, Vettel and Raikkonen”

Verstappen was sandwiched in between the two Ferrari cars as Kimi Raikkonen tried to pass the Dutchman on the left-hand side and Vettel came across to try and cover from the right. The early moves off the line led to all three colliding at first, before Raikkonen and Verstappen came together

Sunday quotes – McLaren Honda

Stoffel Vandoorne (7th): "That was definitely an eventful race! To race under the rain at the beginning was definitely not easy, so my main focus was just to stay out of trouble, which we managed to do. From that point on, I just managed my own race. I think seventh place