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F1 considering to add digital display to the Halo device for 2018.

“Formula 1 has been talking about doing some sort of digital on it, so I think we’ll make the most of it,” said McLaren executive director Zak Brown.

“Possibly some sort of almost like ticker running, like you see at the stock exchange. Some kind of messaging – that sort of thing.

“There are some rules around what you can and can’t do with the Halo – the inside can’t be painted because they don’t want the drivers to be distracted.

“Like all things, it will develop over time, so what the Halo looks like today will be different in five years.

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“Hopefully it will become a more integrated part, right now it looks a bit bolted onto the car. If over time it can be a little bit more integrated into the car, visibly nicer.

“It compromises around the driver, but equally it creates more commercial opportunity on the halo itself. So net, it’s not a win or a loss.”

A spokesman for F1 told “We are not looking at anything specific to the halo.

“But we are always seeking new ways to help our commercial partners, and that of the teams and promoters get the best possible visibility at each race.

“There are a number of experimental solutions we are testing. Such is the nature of these things, that all, or none, might see the light of day in the coming season.”

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