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Ferrari changed both turbos on their cars!

Ferrari had to change the turbos on both of their cars, already 3rd, penalties later in the season.

Kimi Raikkonen was fastest man at the end of Free Practice 1, completing 19 laps with just 0.45 faster then the rival Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes).

Sebastian Vettel did not had quiet a good practice session, looked like the German could not get the set up of the car the way he wants, and later it was revealed that the Turbo of Vettel’s car would need to be changed. After that Ferrari confirmed that same issue appeared on Kimi’s car.

Ferrari SF70H seems to be fast but not reliable, but if you would ask a driver which one of this issues he would want all of them would say that they would rather have a fast car but not reliable one.

It’s much easier for the teams to find reliability for their engine during the season, the tougher part is when the power unit does not give you the speed you want it to be. Ferrari seem’s to have issue with reliability but we all know they have the experience in this sport and would solve the issues rather sooner than later.

Here is a graph showing used power unit elements during Free Practice 1

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