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Halo must be strong to hold the weigh of a London double-decker buss

After many tests to try to bring more protection to the drivers in Formula 1, FIA decided to use the Halo device from 2018. FIA confirmed that Halo was the only device ready to be constructed onto the F1 cars for the new season of Formula 1.

The Halo safety device must be strong enough to hold the weight of a London double-decker buss according to James Allison techincal director at Mercedes.

“This is not a light piece of work, it is several kilos of titanium that needs to be put in the car,” he said. “There are changes that we needed to do to accommodate it to ensure the overall car would still stay below the weight limit.

“It’s also not light because it takes really high loads. We had to strengthen the design of the chassis so it would be able to take roughly the weight of a London double-decker bus sitting on top of the Halo. We needed to make sure it would be strong enough to withstand the type of event it was designed to protect the driver against.”

Many fans have consistently voiced outrage over the decision to introduce the Halo, mostly due to its unappealingĀ visuals. Teams will be designing theĀ Halo as a part of their liveries, and Allison believes that head protection concepts will look better in time.

“This is the first generation head protection that goes up, over and around the driver’s head. But it won’t be the last. Nothing in F1 stands still for long. We will all be taking this first go and trying to improve it, trying to make sure the safety gets better but also the aesthetics.

“It’s bit of an acquired taste and we’re still acquiring it and everyone else too but I’m sure there are things we can do in coming seasons to make it also look nicer. The imperative to look after the driver safety and our desire to give us cars that are going to set the pulse racing aesthetically will see us continue to develop this concept in the seasons to come.”

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