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Prost: ‘Vandoorne on the same level as Alonso’

Ex-Formula 1 driver and quadruple world champion Alain Prost was tremendously impressed with McLaren youngster Stoffel Vandoorne’s rookie campaign.

Competing on the same team with Fernando Alonso was never going to be easy, but according to the Frenchman, Vandy held his own while not only testing his teammate but actually outperforming him in some cases.

“Everyone watched Vandoorne because, prior to coming into F1, he was recognized as one of the most exceptional youngsters for the future,” Prost said. “He started at McLaren with reliability problems and never the same equipment as Alonso.

“But I think Vandoorne is now playing on the same level or even better than Alonso. He’s doing his development in a perfect way.”

“Next year with a good engine, we’ll see if he’s efficient and reliable,” said Prost. “Being on a team with Alonso is not easy, so Vandoorne has to stay calm, take his time, and I think there is no problem for him to be on top in years to come.”

“Today, we are in a phase of hyper-technology, but it’s normal,” he said. “This is the first time we were almost overwhelmed by this technology, but it’s not negative,” Prost added. “It’s just a cycle.”

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