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Sainz: F1 needs ‘half the grid’ in podium fight

Carlos Sainz believes Formula 1 needs to find a way to ensure “at least half of the field” has a chance to fight for podium finishes.

Sainz told Auto sport: “I believe in equality, a lot more equality.

“I believe Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, they need to keep winning the championship. But I believe it should be a bit more exciting.

“It should include at least half of the field in a possible, potential podium battle.

“At the moment it’s not happening. There’s no chance. None of the midfield teams can do a podium under normal circumstances.”

Sainz is in his third year with Toro Rosso, and has amassed 99 points since his 2015 grand prix debut – but is yet to finish higher than sixth.

Toro Rosso has never been more than a regular fixture in the F1 midfield, although it is a race-winning team thanks to Sebastian Vettel’s 2008 Italian GP victory, which remains the only podium in its 12-year history.

Sainz continued: “I believe if you do a perfect weekend, like for example I did in Monaco [where Sainz finished sixth], I should have a chance of scoring a podium, if I’ve done everything perfect.

“[Romain] Grosjean in Austria did a very good weekend [for Haas] and still finished P6. I believe there should be a bit more opportunities to shine for the midfield teams that at the moment we don’t have.”

Asked whether the field could be bunched up using a budget cap, Sainz said: “I don’t know. I don’t understand about politics so I’m not going to include myself in this discussion.

“But I believe they need to find something, a solution, to bring lap times closer between all 10 teams.”

Source: Auto Sport

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